DVD Rental Performance

Rentrak's Studio Revenue Share Essentials is the home entertainment industry's most reliable and comprehensive system for analyzing home video revenue results.

Studio Revenue Share Essentials is a secure browser-based application that enables content providers to track daily, weekly and historical performance of home entertainment products leased directly to retailers, or through Rentrak's Pay-Per-Transaction (“PPT”) program.

Since 1988, Rentrak has been providing 2nd and 3rd tier retailers with the opportunity to acquire their new release rental inventory on a revenue sharing basis. With its PPT program, Rentrak provides both content providers and retailers with the infrastructure, information systems and operational support necessary to enable both parties to enjoy the benefits of the revenue sharing distribution model. Aggregated rev-share performance data from all participating PPT retailers, along with performance data from content providers' direct revenue sharing customers (normally large chain retailers), is available within Rentrak's Studio Revenue Share Essentials reporting system.

Together, Rentrak's PPT program and Studio Revenue Share Essentials reporting system offer a complete solution for home entertainment content providers and retailers to implement and benefit from a revenue sharing program.